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100% Local Food Delivered To Your Doorsteps


A full course meal enriched with local cuisine. Sounds good? Check out our menu for a plethora of sumptuous meals to make your afternoons worth relishing. You are invited to touch upon a multitude of vegetarian and non- vegetarian dishes that can be savoured just the way you imagined. You needn’t worry about the cumbersome task of having to go through a million eatery menu cards to come to a conclusion. Just order now and make the choice at lunch time hassle free.


Never sleep hungry. We believe in it and bring to you the special cuisine worth drooling over. Fish, chicken, biryanis, chapatis- you crave for it, we have it! Our lip smacking varieties will keep you drooling, making your dinner time a gastronomical experience. Over here you will find the perfect way to end the day with some of Kerala’s most relished dishes. Whether you want to eat a light supper or a wholesome dinner- the choice is yours. Rest assured , you make the choice once, we ensure you’ll choose it for every other upcoming dinner! .

Meal Packages

Want meals specially catering to your needs? Choose from the variety of meal packages that we offer. Get what you want throughout the week and more. You needn’t worry about lack of options or portion size. If you are a light eater or a complete foodie, the different meal packages that we offer, bring to you choices that you hadn’t thought about. Choose, order, unpack and enjoy!

Ready for an Amazing Lunch

We at Meal'D holds high value to create a positive food culture thereby giving a special and personal value for our customers. We try to reconnect to you to the local flavours and the healthy food habits which has been lost in the chain of adulterated and junk food culture.

There is a deep connection between food and culture. Food has become an important part of who each of us are and many of us associate food from our childhood with warm feelings and good memories that bonds us to our families and cultural values.Traditional cuisine is passed down from one generation to the next and we refer it to express cultural identity.

What if, the Traditional cuisine that has been the part of our life were to make a comeback? What’s more, the food you love to be brought in to your daily life as Pothichoru, packed with care and delivered to you. Now, it’s no longer a wish, MEAL’D stands by its promise of a good food culture in your day to day life with affordable meals with the best meal delivery service.

The trusted Meal delivery service at your doorsteps

We deliver happiness to busy people, if you just don't have time or energy to actually cook your own meals, do try our healthy food delivery service! Be part of our # Good Food culture. So, we are here with a mission of providing #goodfoodculture to Keralites through our traditional cuisines that reflect its unique history, lifestyle, values, and beliefs.

Our Meal Delivery Service opened its doors and were warmly welcomed to the hearts of our customers through our signature ‘Pothichoru’, ensuring healthy and delicious food delivered to your doorstep. Our food is designed to meet the daily needs of the office- goers who look out for consistent , reliable, economic, hygienic and tasty local food. Pothichoru has soon become the signature dish offering a revolutionary healthy meal delivery service for the office goers also offering us the title of the best meal delivery service.

Lunch & Dinner

Lunch delivery service and dinner delivery service from MEAL’D offers you veg or non-veg options. We offer flexibility to order your meals a week in advance or even avail them the same day based on availability. We also offer flexible subscriptions packages you could choose from, where the menu items can be customized on a daily basis from the food packages. Customer can choose the dinner or meal options or both.

Our lunch delivery service goes active at 10:00 AM Monday to Saturday, you can browse the menu to choose the meal of your choice to have it delivered to you for lunch. Similarly our dinner delivery service is available from 4:00 PM Monday to Saturday for the same day meal delivery option.

The Subscription packages

Subscription option is available as both Meal & Dinner package plans. We have 3-day, 5 ,7 & 10-day plans with the flexibility to choose the available dishes every day as per the customer choice. Our online meal delivery service will make sure the food is delivered to you throughout the subscription period.

The following packages are available for subscription for both Meal & Dinner:

  1. Rice Package
  2. Bread Package
  3. Vegetation Package
  4. All meal packages.

Check out more details about the package here and Subscribe to our healthy food delivery service online to enjoy the authentic local flavours.